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A degree of self determination greatly enhances the operation of the strata community.

What is My Body Corporate?

My Body Corporate is an online resource that gives residents, owners and strata managers access to information about their strata title property.

Residents can view essential information such as rules, news and events as well as messages from the strata manager.

Owners can access secure information and if enabled, participate in online discussion in structured topic areas that are relevant to them.

The owner's committee can upload information and access areas that facilitate communication and decision making.


Who administers the site?

Your webspace can be self-managed or by the strata manager. The administrator can modify the layout, add or delete content and control access. There can be more than one administrator.


What are the charges?

The only charge is an annual fee of $49.
For properties with six units or less units there is no charge.


Is my information secure?

Your privacy is important to us. We do not provide access to your information to any third party
See our privacy policy for more information.


How do I get started?

Either an authorised representative from your owner's committee or your strata manager can get started via our home page, or simply click here.

Visit for more information.



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