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My Body Corporate, helping strata communities towards a culture of responsible participation, transparency and good governance.

» A first point of call for your properties
My Body Corporate is a gateway between the strata manager and individual lot owners, freeing you to focus on the essential management tasks that you do best.
» Streamline your day
Consolidate the many varied contact points you have with your clients into a structured chain of communication.

Step into and out of the conversation only as required to maintain a leadership role.
» Great for any size
My Body Corporate works well for properties of any size, from the ’six pack’, to large developments with hundreds of apartments and complex strata arrangements.
» Dynamic and flexible
My Body Corporate caters for the various needs of strata communities and strata managers. You can create a template to suit your preferred management style and then customise further to accommodate for the needs of individual strata properties.
» Making life easier
Best of all, My Body Corporate is a powerful and essential support tool to provide a better service to your clients, giving them greater peace of mind and making life easier for you.
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