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Getting started

The first step is for an authorised person to sign up.

Once active, it’s then time to invite owners and tenants to join with their own password and login.

You can then customise your web-space to suit your needs.

» My Body Corporate gives owners and residents access to essential day to day information about their property.

Whether there’s a problem with the rubbish bins or you’re undergoing a complex renovation, you’ll have access to all the resources to keep your strata community running smoothly.

Over time, you’ll have a valuable store of information about your property. Search for solutions to recurrent issues and deal with them once and for all.
» My Body Corporate aims to support the valuable role that volunteers play within the community.

A well functioning strata community cannot rely solely on the strata manager to respond to every local need. Encouraging responsible participation generates good will, greater transparency and assists in planning and decision making.
» Customisable to suit your community
Use My Body Corporate to distribute up to the minute information, run committee meetings or if activated, invite resident participation.
You choose who has access and how your online community is run.
» Instant notification
As soon as new information is added, members are immediately notified. It’s easy to give timely advice of important issues that arise.
"The window cleaners are on site this Tuesday morning, please make sure all windows are closed."
"A reminder that pool access is limited to 7am - 9pm."
Keep everyone informed and new residents up to speed quickly.
» Information is available only to those who need it
Residents, owners and the committee have separate areas to keep information relevant and secure.

Documents can be distributed to those that need them, such as rules, notices, images, quotes and minutes, to name just a few.
» Best practice technology
Our servers are based in Australia and offer a reliable, trouble free cloud hosting experience. Your information is backed up every hour with daily offsite storage for your peace of mind.
» Great value
Get started with a no obligation 60 day trial. A small ongoing fee ensures that your site is administered to the highest standards free from the influence of advertising or any other commercial interests.

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